Poster Sessions

Maurice Allais Rooms



ARP© Imaging for vulnerability assessment of RTE Grounded high voltage power line, M. Dabas and G. Caraire

Electrical resistivity Tomography (ERT) in geophysical applications – state of the art and future challenges, T. Günther and C. Rücker

Topography effect in geo-electrical imaging, S. Penz, H. Chauris, D. Donno and C. Mehl

Potential of High Resolution Electrical Resistivity Tomography to Detect Fractured Zones in Limestone and Dolomites Formations in the Near Subsurface at the Tournemire Experimental Platform, France,  C. Gélis, M. Noble, J. Cabrera, H. Chauris, S. Penz, P. Desveaux

Application of DCIP surveys for the exploration of porphyry deposits-Case studies from North America, N. Bournas, K. Killin, N. Faucher and E. Clements

Volumetric Remote Monitoring of Earth Structures: Geophysical Imaging, Visualisation, and Condition Assessment, C. J. Munro, P. B. Wilkinson, J. E. Chambers, D. A. Gunn, P. I. Meldrum, M. P. Kirkham, J. Wragg, S. J. Holyoake and O. Kuras

Electrical and electromagnetic tomography: 3D imaging, M. Soleimani

Automated test system for electrical impedance tomography devices, A. D. Waldmann, P. O. Gaggero, J. Justiz, A. Adler, and V. M. Koch


Accounting for electrode movement in MRI-informed functional EIT lung imaging, M. G. Crabb, J. L. Davidson, R. Little, P. Wright, J. H . Naish, G. J. M. Parker, H. McCann and W. R. B. Lionheart

Acquisition System for Correlating Electrical Impedance Tomography and Ventilator Data during Prolonged Continuous Monitoring of Mechanically Ventilated Patient, H. Gagnon, J.-C. Gervais, O. Fléchelles, P. Jouvet and A. Adler

An Electrical Impedance Tomography System and Optimal Measurement Strategy for Skin Cancer Screening,  A. E. Hartinger, R. Guardo, V. Kokta and H. Gagnon

Electrical signal distortion in neural tissue on a microscale,  M. J. Nelson, C. Bosch, L. Venance and P. Pouget

Electrical Capacitance Tomography imaging in industrial applications,  M. Byars

Enhanced pulmonary function test by electrical impedance tomography,  R. Pikkemaat and S. Leonhardt

Large correlation between EIT-based global inhomogeneity index and regional lung opening in patients with acute lung injury, Z. Zhao, S. Pulletz, I. Frerichs and K. Moeller

Use of bounded EIT for in vivo conductivity estimates in EEG source localization,  S. Turovets, D. Ozog, P. Govyadinov, A. Salman, K. Li, A. Malony and D. Tucker


A new and cost-effective DC-Resistivity Imaging approach for investigating embankment hydraulic structures,  Y. Fargier, S. Palma Lopes, D. François, C. Fauchard and P. Côte


Electrical impedance measurements on the lips of a trombone player: new perspectives for the study of lip auto-oscillations in brass instruments, V. Freour and G.P. Scavone

Non-invasive vocal-folds monitoring using electrical imaging methods, T. Hézard, T. Hélie, B. Doval, N. Henrich and M. Kob

Do electro-sensing fish use the first order polarization tensor for object characterization? T.A. Khairuddin and W.R.B. Lionheart


Total variation constraints in the inversion of magnetotelluric data, C. Régis and E. da Cruz Luz

L1-norm Regularized Reconstruction of Three-dimensional Electrical Resistivity Tomography,  J. Wang and   J. Ma

The linearised EIT forward operator: a wavelet twist, P. Kantartzis and P. Liatsis

Range-based prior knowledge in the solution of the inverse problem of electrical impedance tomographyL. Dimicolli, B. Truyen, H. Sahli and J. Cornelis

Robust Stimulation and Measurement Patterns in Biomedical EIT, A. Boyle, Y. Mamatjan and A. Adler


Boundless Electrical Resistivity Tomography (BERT) v. 2.0 – Open Access Software for Advanced and Flexible Imaging, T. Günther and C. Rücker

EIDORS: an open software for EIT adapted for geophysical purposes, N. Lesparre, D. Gibert, F. Nicollin and A. Adler

EIDORS: the past, the present and the future, B. Grychtol, N. Lesparre, W. R. B. Lionheart and A. Adler

Open EIT: a common and open file format for electrical impedance tomography, P. O. Gaggero, B. Grychtol, H. Gagnon, A. Adler, A. D. Waldmann, J. Justiz and V. M. Koch